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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Little Wrap-up....

This is officially my last blog post for BUAD477... I am happy to say however that is isn’t my last post ever. I plan to keep up with the blog because of all the positive response and interest I have received over this semester. Thank you all so much for it!! I really appreciate all of your interest and the open-mindedness to learn about something new and ask questions, especially something that is so important to me. Please feel free to keep asking questions and checking back so I know what to keep writing about. My posts might not be as frequent but they will definitely be coming, especially if someone is asking questions about something.

Next, thanks to everyone for your comments along the way. They have constantly made me smile. Matt – thanks for your last comment. I remember you telling me a while back about your Israel trip and I think that taking a trip that includes learning about the troubling history of Jews in Europe (especially during World War II) is an amazing and meaningful opportunity as well.

In regards to your question about a career involving Judaism, I have actually thought a lot about it over the years so it’s really interesting that you should ask. As I have said before, I did staff a summer trip for USY and the organization has been a very meaningful part of my life, especially the bonds I have formed with so many kids over my years of working for NERUSY, so I have thought a fair amount about working for them in some way. It is so meaningful to impact these youth teens’ lives and to help them feel more comfortable with their Judaism and with themselves, as I was made to feel comfortable. I know it is going to sound really weird since I have been spending this entire semester sharing knowledge, but there are actually a lot of things I don’t know and a lot of things in terms of Jewish education that I would not be capable of. Also, it is just hard because my career goals in business are so different from my religious involvement. Should there ever come a time where I had an opportunity to incorporate the two, especially if it involved teenagers, I would definitely want to take advantage of it. Also, depending where the road leads me next year, I hope to find a way that I can balance my job with a job working for a local USY chapter (assuming there is a chapter near where I am).

Ok, well that is it for now. But like I said, please keep checking back for more from my crazy Jewish life and please keep commenting so I know if I should keep writing.


  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger Kara said…

    Shayna, I can’t thank you enough for all of the information and stories you’ve shared with us over the semester. I have learned so much about a topic I knew nothing about. I have always been interested in learning about other religions and cultures, but at times felt embarrassed about asking dumb or obvious questions. You have answered so many of my questions and provided me with great knowledge about Judaism that I’ve shared with my roommates! I’m so glad you will continue to occasionally post so I can ask more questions, especially about holidays and traditions! Have a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to learning all about Hanukah in the near future!

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